HIT in the 21st Century

21 10 2010

We are in the process of shooting videos of the CZT Fitness System machines.  Please check out our YouTube channel by clicking the logos below.  See HIT in the 21st Century…



CZT Fitness System in Houston

17 09 2010

This week we set up and installed the first CZT Fitness System facility in Houston, TX. This location has the CZT-H and the all-new CZT-Core machine with torso flexion, torso extension, and torso rotation all from one seated position.  We are excited to be there and look forward to the opportunity in a great city. We are located in 2 Allen Center on the 16th Floor in downtown Houston.

CZT Installation in San Diego

30 08 2010

Well Matt Hedman was all smiles after the successful installation of the CZT-H and CZT-V models in two of his facilities one in San Diego and one in La Jolla. Also to note, he went through a couple of very intense workouts using the machines and noted how effective they felt during and after the workouts.

Keith Norris and the CZT-V

1 06 2010

Keith Norris recently came to Austin for a quick visit.  Skyler Tanner, manager of Efficient Exercise Westlake, took him through a brief yet intense workout incorporating the CZT-V.  Keith was so impressed that he took the time to write a favorable article on his blog Theory to Practice.  Check out this post HERE

Here’s a quick video montage of the workout which incorporated the CZT-V for Dead Lift, Negative Pull Down, and Negative Dip.

Change and Evolve

18 04 2010

Only 16% of the population belongs to a fitness center and many of those people just circulate between clubs. So what are we doing wrong? Nobody “re-branded” brushing your teeth but we all know if we just stop one day our teeth will rot. The evidence is overwhelming with proper exercise that the same happens to our bodies without it. We are on a mission to make proper exercise accessible to everyone with our machines, systems, and small footprint facilities. We hope to be an instigator of change and continue to evolve the fitness industry…

CZT in Europe!

29 01 2010

We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch CZT Machines into the European market.  This move internationally will allow access to our machines first in Denmark and hopefully throughout the rest of Europe soon thereafter.  We will update with European contact information for those who would like to have a hands on experience.

Negative Only Chest Press by Matt Hedman

29 09 2009

Matt Hedman, President of The Perfect Workout™ in San Diego, CA, came by Efficient Exercise™ in Austin yesterday for a visit and a chance to go through a workout using the CZT machines. He was thoroughly impressed and I wanted to show a quick video of him going through some negative only chest press on the horizontal CZT machine.